Working with others is only the beginning of service
work. NA service allows us to spend much of our time
directly helping suffering addicts, as well as ensuring that
Narcotics Anonymous itself survives. This way we keep
what we have by giving it away.
— Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text

Area Service Committee

1st Sunday, 1:00 pm
Community Meeting Room
133 North 4th St.

Public Relations Subcommittee

1st Sunday, 12:00 pm
Community Meeting Room
133 North 4th St.


(H and I and Activities subcommittee meetings to be announced)

Trusted Servants

It usually isn’t until we get involved with service that someone points out that “personal recovery depends on NA unity.”
— Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text

Area Officers

Chairperson –August W.
Vice-Chairperson – Jerry A.
Secretary – Carolyn O.
Treasurer – Ron K.
RCM – vacant.
Alt-RCM – vacant.

Subcommittee Officers

Public Relations Chair – Jack H.
Activities Chair – Carolyn O.
Literature Chair – August W.


Help Carry the Message

Our primary purpose is to carry the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. The Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous has created service structures to aid in maintaining and carrying our message. There are many ways for members to be of service. Our area is always in need of help. The Area Service Committee and Subcommittee meetings are open to any addict who wishes to be of service, or who wants to learn more about service in NA. Our Area Guidelines can be viewed by clicking here. If you would like more information on how you can be of service to NA please contact us or join us at our Area Service Committee or Subcommittee meetings.


Note to GSRs: Please have GSR Report Form prepared for monthly ASC meeting.