Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the Difference Between NA and AA?

According to AA literature, "only those with a drinking problem may attend closed meetings."  Narcotics Anonymous offers hope to people who are addicted to any and all drugs, including alcohol.

What are NAs Success Statistics?

Because no attendance records are kept, it is impossible to estimate what percentages of those who come to Narcotics Anonymous remain active in NA over time. The only sure indicator of the program's success is the rapid growth in the number of registered Narcotics Anonymous meetings in recent decades and the rapid spread of Narcotics Anonymous outside North America.

  • In 1978, there were fewer than 200 registered groups in three countries.

  • In 1983, more than a dozen countries had 2,966 meetings.

  • In 1993, 60 countries had over 13,000 groups holding over 19,000 meetings.

  • In 2002, 108 countries had 20,000 groups holding over 30,000 meetings.

  • In 2005, 116 countries had over 21,500 groups holding over 33,500 weekly meetings.

  • In 2007, there are over 25,065 groups holding over 43,900 weekly meetings in 127 countries.

NA members have a mean average of 9.1 years clean.  This can be compared to NA's 2003 membership survey, which showed members with a mean average of 7.4 years clean.

The 2007 membership survey marks the first time that members were asked to assess areas of their lives that have improved with NA attendance.  The two areas that received overwhelming improvement were family relationships where 90% of our members stated enrichment, and social connectedness was realized by 83% of the respondents.  NA literature states that active addiction is marked by increased isolation and destruction of relationships.  Recovery in NA has helped surveyed respondents to repair the damage in their lives from drug addiction.

Can I Assign My Clients to go to Meetings?

Yes you can. An "open" meeting is a meeting that welcomes anyone to attend, including interested non-addicts. A "closed" meeting is a meeting for addicts or those who may have a drug problem.

Do You Do Assessments?

No. We encourage anyone wondering if s/he is an addict to do a self-assessment using our Information Pamphlet Am I an Addict

Are NA Meetings Group Therapy?

NA meetings are not group therapy sessions. We do not teach lessons or provide counseling. We simply share our personal experiences with addiction and recovery.

Where, How, and What Literature Can I Purchase?

All of our literature can be purchased from  our local service body by filling out a form HERE, or you may purchase literature online at 

Much of our literature can be DOWNLOADED for free in PDF format.

Not all literature is available in all languages.  Literature is available in the following languages:

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